Preorders can be for currently out of stock basics, or new items that have not yet arrived. Placing a preorder for a line that is sure to create excitement is a way to guarantee availability. It also helps us gauge if we need to get more of a specific new item that may prove to be very popular, or that might be appearing in a pattern that people love.


When you place your preorder, your order is assigned a number. When all the fabric arrives, we take the preorders for the line and put them in numerical order to process them. Therefore, the earlier your preorder is in, the quicker you will receive your beautiful new fabric, and the more likely you are to get everything you wanted. We do try to track the orders carefully so that if we are running low on something before it arrives, we order more. Sometimes however, the manufacturer oversells and we do not get everything we ordered. This means the preorders we received first have the best chance of 100% fulfillment.


Your credit card payment for preorders is generally processed upon receipt. If you choose PayPal, your payment will be deducted by PayPal immediately.


We try to give an approximate time frame when the manufacturer is expected to ship to us. We obviously have no control over that, and sometimes the date is delayed. We will always try to keep the site updated as we receive any information about delays. We know you are excited to get your fabric and will always get preorders turned around as quickly as possible.